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Successful Potty Training Tips

Updated: May 12, 2021

Potty training can be a challenging time. Once you start it may feel like you'll be potty training your little one for forever. As time goes on you may start to notice progress, but there can still be many discouraging moments. The good news is that at some point your child will get the hang of it, and soon this will all be a thing of the past. Until then, here are a few tips that I hope you'll find to be very helpful.

Make sure your child is ready

Before you jump right into the potty training process, you may want to be sure that both you and your child are ready. Potty training can require a lot of effort so the last thing you'll want to do it start and stop this process, that can just cause confusion. Starting too early can prolong the process, or lead to many frustrating moments. Below are a few indications that your child could be ready to begin:

•Going longer periods with a dry diaper

•Letting you know when they've made a bowel movement

•Hiding to go pee or poop

•Showing interest when you use the bathroom

•Taking off/pulling at they're diaper after they pee or poop

Be consistent

This tip is so simple, but yet so important. Once you decide to start potty training your child, it may be beneficial to just dive right in. Start setting habits for your child as such as having them use the bathroom as soon as they wake up or before they lay down for bed/naps. Another good habit could be sitting them on the pot every hour or so. Whatever habits you decide, just stick with it.

Be Patient

Every child is different so there's no telling how long it will take for your child to be fully potty trained. Rushing your child or pushing them too hard can only create resistance. Have a positive perspective and hope for the best.

Make it fun

Be as energetic as possible. To start, you can read books about potty training to introduce them to the process. Play games, sing songs, find fun underwear that they'll love. Make their experience fun so that using the pot is something they'll look forward to doing.

It's also important to encourage them and be excited, especially whenever they use the bathroom successfully. That will give them the confidence and motivation to do it again, and again.

Limit drinks before bed

Once your toddler is making progress with their potty training, you may want to limit drinks before bed. Following this step will make it less likely for them to have accidents at night.


Ultimately every child is different, so try not to get too caught up on how long it'll take. If you are currently potty training or about to begin, the most important tip is to stay consistent. Toddlers can be very stubborn so it may be discouraging at times, but don't let that stop you. Sooner or later if you stay consistent they'll give in. As the parent you set the tone for your child. Through it all remind yourself that this is all a process.

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